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Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your 

one wild and precious life?

- mary oliver

Hello there!

We're future nomads: homeschooling, traveling, and adventuring full-time beginning April 2018. Until then, my feet land back in Utah every once in awhile. We've got this crazy dream of visiting all the National Parks, all while photographing couples and families across the United States. So, whatdya say? Wanna meet up?

I'm meghan, 
and I'm So glad you found me!

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2018 Travel

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march - thailand
April - hawaii
may - utah
july - south dakota
august - minnesota
september - new england
October - east coast/Maryland
november - tennesee & Kentucky
December - florida

Aspen + Jeremiah

Tuscany, Italy

Billie + Sammy

piha beach, new zealand

The Erbe Family

Utah Lake, Utah

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travel & adventure with a touch of class and romance

nomads across the us starting july 2018

Meghan Rose

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