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I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! This is the place where I help tell a story - a story of adventure, beauty, and most importantly, a story of love. I think you can agree that we all could use a little bit more of that in our world, right? 

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Carrie + Marcos: Chautauqua Park Family Session

Carrie reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I would be available to shoot her family’s photos while they were visiting in Colorado this past May. I was way excited to say YES because I had been trying to get Colorado sessions booked for awhile, since Colorado is our first stop on our adventure after we leave Utah. I was especially honored to take Carrie’s photos because I found out that she is also a photographer herself.

When I met up with Carrie and Marcos for their family photos at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado, the first thing I noticed was sweet Myla in Carrie’s arms, and her beautiful hair. She is only one year old, but still has beautiful brown locks! As we walked some of the lower paths at the base of the Chautauqua Mountains, I learned that Marcos was from Brazil, and Carrie is from Scotland, which is where they now reside together. Marcos had traveled the world, and had lived in New Zealand, Scotland, and Colorado during different times in his life. He was excited to be back with Carrie and Myla and show them some of the beauties that Colorado has to offer!

As we explored, we stumbled on a tiny patch of those friendly red and black poppies that are so often sought after. Those, coupled with the lavendar wildflowers growing much more abundantly, made my photographer heart so happy! Myla loved the flowers and perked right up when given the chance to be amongst them.

Meeting up with Carrie, Marcos, and Myla while we were both visiting in Boulder made me realize how much I love exploring new places, and meeting new people from ALL over the world. It is fun for me to capture families while they are on vacation, and giving them the gift of a truly lasting souvenir!

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