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Hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! This is the place where I help tell a story - a story of adventure, beauty, and most importantly, a story of love. I think you can agree that we all could use a little bit more of that in our world, right? If you want to follow our travels, please sign up for our newsletter by clicking below.

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A year later, and I am still in love with this all-things-pink styled shoot, inspired by one of my favorite parts about living in Maryland and the DC area: CHERRY BLOSSOMS! I had the idea for this shoot for awhile, but knew that it could be risky to plan a shoot around Mother Nature. It […]

In 2016 I made a goal for myself to shoot 15 weddings….and I am happy to say that I was able to achieve that goal – but ONLY because I was willing to second shoot. I’ll admit, that’s not exactly what I had in mind for myself when I set that goal. Originally, I wanted […]

I remember the phone call Michelle made to me so many months ago, asking me my thoughts on her running a weekend-long retreat at Island Park. I remember thinking how amazing it sounded, and feeling like I wanted to be a part of it, too. And then I remember the feelings that shortly followed: The […]

My first photography workshop literally changed my life. That sounds a bit dramatic, but hear me out. The things I learned at Katelyn’s workshop changed the way I wanted to run my business. It opened my eyes to a different way of doing things, it introduced me to the photography community, the value of friendship, […]

On the afternoon of Friday, March 25th, 2016 the cherry blossoms officially reached peak blossom. And on that same afternoon, myself and 15 vendors and 12 other photographers were at the start of an incredible styled shoot; one that I had been dreaming and planning of for weeks. I don’t know how I managed to […]

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