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Hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! This is the place where I help tell a story - a story of adventure, beauty, and most importantly, a story of love. I think you can agree that we all could use a little bit more of that in our world, right? If you want to follow our travels, check out our the National Park Family blog!

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1. The fact that I never have to make these Christmas boxes again. Please tell my kids they are not allowed to lose, destroy, or otherwise compromise the quality of these boxes because they’ll never get a replacement. This is how I decided to do our Harrison 25 Days of Christmas. Everyday Axton gets to […]

I recently had a friend send me a message and tell me that she is expecting her second boy, and wanted to know what life was like with two boys. She told me she really wanted them to be inseparable and the best of buds. I think that’s what any mom would want for her […]

I’d been trying to get Adam to come with us for months, but for varying reasons, it had never worked out. I wanted him to know about all the adventures I’ve taken the boys at this place. I wanted him to experience a little bit of the sanctuary we’d found here. And finally, a perfect […]

I hadn’t been in the mood for Christmas yet this year. It’s been too warm in Maryland, too sunshine-y. Perhaps a bit too busy ­čÖé I just haven’t been thinking about it. For the past few weeks, some of the radio stations I usually listen to have already started to play Christmas music. Everytime I […]

I thought I would share three things that I’ve been trying to implement in our daily flow that, when they all go as they should (which, trust me, is not all the time), help to reduce stress in our lives! 1. The Chore Chart.┬áAxton loves TV. I mean, he┬áloves┬átv. Most mornings, that is the first […]

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