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Erin + Tyler: A Piney Orchard Engagement Session

I felt like I knew a bit about how sweet Erin and Tyler would be before I event met them – because I knew Tyler’s mom. Katie is an amazing wedding planner and stylist, and we have worked together on several styled shoots in the past. She was with me on my very first styled shoot! When she told me her son was getting married, I instantly jumped at the opportunity to not only work with Katie on a REAL wedding, but on her own son’s wedding! Not just because I knew it would be a GORGEOUS event to photograph, but also because I knew her, and wanted to be a part of such a special day for her, her son, and their whole family. I felt honored and immediately excited when they chose me as their wedding photographer.

As Erin, Tyler’s fiancee, and I started to email back and forth, I knew that I had been right: This couple was going to be so much fun to work with! It turns out that I’m not the only one who got introduced to Tyler and Erin from his mom: so did they!! Their moms have been friends forever, so Erin and Tyler’s relationship was a natural extension of their friendship. They’ve pretty much known each other all their lives! (I have friends like that, and our kids are the same ages and we’ve often wondered if we would ever get the chance to set our kids up….haha now we know that it IS possible!)

Even though I felt a good connection to Erin, Tyler, and their relationship because of our communications over email, it always comes together so much better in person. Tyler is seriously the perfect fit for Erin. As his mom described him (and hopefully this doesn’t embarrass him!), he is a big teddy bear and loves to spoil Erin. I LOVED hearing this from his mom, but I loved seeing it in person even more. Because that description is spot-on. I could see it in the way they walked and talked together, and in the way he wrapped her up in him.

For their engagement session, we got to hop onto golf carts and tour their wedding venue! Seeing how pretty the golf course was during the winter made me that much more excited for their wedding next fall. These hills will be stunning with perfect autumn colors….and of course, Erin and Tyler will make a stunning bride and groom that I can’t WAIT to capture!!

  1. Angie Shaffer

    February 27th, 2018 at 11:58 am

    These are beautiful!

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