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The Hills: A Hawaii Family Session

I love that I got to photograph the Hill family while I was in Hawaii!! Melissa and I worked together in the Young Women’s group in my church while we lived in Maryland. Melissa is a fun, spunky mom and woman who just feels good to be around! She isn’t afraid to try new things and she seems to crave and invite adventure and laughter everywhere she goes. The Hills moved to Hawaii for work, and Melissa, she reassured us, is making the most of it by snorkeling, paddle-boarding, taking a boat and pontoon out, the list goes on! Her daughter Olivia is mature, friendly, and also fun and delightful like her mom. When I asked Melissa about how I can connect with Olivia, she told that Olivia “is in love with Star Wars and The Greatest Showman and Rick Riordan books.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who loves those three things?? Leighton is a lucky man, but he also adds such benevolence and balance to their tribe. He is just as happy, but he is laid-back, mellow, and peaceful. I even got to learn how Melissa and Leighton met, fell in love, and married (it’s a good one, but I’ll let Melissa tell it 🙂 ) Melissa says this of Leighton: “He’s the up to my down, the in to my out and the calm to my storm. We’ve been together for so long I don’t remember much of life without him. Today marks 17 years of marriage. 17 years since we said, “yes”. Since we looked into each other’s eyes and dared. I am blessed by his constant, unwavering love. I am blessed by the relationship we’ve built with the guidance of the Lord.” Together, the three of them, they seem to know that life gets messy but, as Marjorie Hinkley as been quoted as saying, you can either laugh or cry your way through life. The Hills prefer to be silly, laugh, and make life fun.

These three took me to their favorite beach on the island, where we jumped and splashed in the water, and fought with the wind – all while still looking lovely. I so enjoyed being around this family again, and am so happy I could capture them at this stage in their life and in such a beautiful location!



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