By 12 years old, I had witnessed my parents divorce not just once, but twice. I could have walked away from that with bitter feelings toward the idea of marriage. A disbelief in its value, its worth.And I think, for a time, I may have tried that thought out. May have went through a phase of pretending not to care…..But it didn’t last. Because I always knew, deep down in the core of my soul, there welled a burning, soaring need to fight – and fight hard – for keeping marriages alive.

At just 19 years old, I found the one I knew I needed; I knew God had written him into my plans, and I didn’t hesitate. We met, he proposed, and we married – all within 6 months. I sometimes wondered if this – being so young, marrying so quickly – made me needy, if it meant I was unable or unstable to stand on my own. But I know now, and I grab onto this knowledge with open arms and a beating heart, that it wasn’t that at all. Simply put: I believe I was made for marriage. That our souls are meant to find mates, and cling to them not only for our time on this earth, but for the rest of time in the heavens above, as well. And because photography is my tool, well-crafted and hard-earned, I now have the duty to use it for a greater good: to helping marriages find sanctity and promise in their vows.

This is my mission statement for my business. I think it’s important you know the “why” behind what I do, so that you understand my couples are more than just a click of a button. They are people whose lives and relationships mean something to me, they are people I want to invest in, becomes friend with, and capture moments for them that will become strengthening factors in their marriage, moments that will help them say “I do” every day of their journey together.

My   Philosophy

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Celebrate and protect  
the eternal nature of marriage

Photograph my couples not just on day one,

With my business, 
I promise to

by creating and capturing quiet, authentic moments through which my couples can find hope and renewal in each other and their love.
I promise to

but to encourage them to embrace opportunities to be photographed throughout the entirety of their marriage. To show them, their families and posterity,

that honoring marriage means not only saying "I do" on their wedding day,

and the world

but every day after, as well

I'm not necessarily talking about the perfect place setting or the exact shade of periwinkle. I'm talking about the photograph of your late father tied to your bouquet handle, so he can walk down the aisle with you in spirit. Or the pair of earrings that remind you of your grandfather, who always called you "his honeybee." The hand-embroidered handkerchief that was your great-great grandmother's.  I'm talking about the sentimental details that bring meaning to our every day existence - the little pieces of life we hold onto and celebrate on occasions such as these. 

You know the details matter.

....Even if it's hard to get to. Crossing a river, following the hidden trail to a tucked-away bench that he proposed at, hiking to the top of a mountain or taking an elevator the top of a sky-scraper; You want the setting of your photos to be just as special as the ocassion itself. You're not afraid to get your dress a little dirty on the bottom

You choose a location with meaning.

There's something intimately sacred about putting words on paper for the ones we love. Whether it's a private note given to your groom the morning of the wedding, or ceremony vows you wrote to share with him in front of beloved family and friends, in this time where technology threatens to take over the tangible, you take the time to write handwritten love letters. 

You write letters.

You hold dear the influences of your lineage. You pay homage to those who have gone before you and made your life and love possible. You honor them in both visible and invisible ways; whether it be by wearing the same dress that every woman in your family has worn for generations, a simple remembrance set up at your reception, or a favorite memory shared privately or publicly;
They are not forgotten. 

You look to the past.

Though you've spent months planning for your wedding, on the day it finally arrives you hand it over to someone else so you can be fully present with your family and friends. You hire an event planner because you know you want to experience as much as possible, without worrying about the behind-the-scenes details. You greet your guests warmly and individually, spend some time on the dance floor, have your cake, and eat it too!

You savor the present.

You love the quiet elegance that the perfect florals can bring to any setting. You invest in a florist that gives your vision meaning and a delicate, feminist touch. 

You love a good bouquet.

You find beauty in the quiet tear falling that no one else notices, the boisterous laughter during toasts, the hands held tight and the glances he sneaks at you when he doesn't think you're looking. While you love beautifully-posed portraits as much as I do (!!!), you know life is real and raw and imperfect, and you celebrate it as such.

You notice the in-between moments.

You know you're going to want time alone with your groom on your wedding day. A moment shared just between the two of you, and not with an entire audience gauging reactions. You want him to see you in your full splendor, and be allowed to embrace you, twirl you in your dress, and whisper in your ear how beautiful you look. You know having a First Look before the ceremony will help calm your nerves, because finally you're with the one person who always makes you feel most like you.

You want a First Look.

Because lace is always elegant, always timeless, and always flattering.

You love lace.

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The Meghan Rose Bride






The Meghan Rose Wedding experience includes:
 A complimentary engagement session, 
8 hours of wedding day coverage, 
2 photographers, 
All edited images in an online gallery

These special sessions are the perfect way to spend a romantic hour together, celebrating how far you've come together - plus you'll have these images for  years to come. Anniversary sessions  are shot on both film and digital, and include all edited images in an online gallery.

wedding collections begin at $1800

portrait sessions begin at $400

Please contact me for a more detailed pricing guide! 
Special discounts apply to select destination weddings.

kind words



Thank you so much for these pictures! They are beautiful and we already treasure them. Josh and I were constantly saying how lucky we were to have you as our photographer! We trusted you completely. I love these pictures so much. You are incredibly talented and a complete joy to work with! I don't think I could ever thank you enough, but I'll still say it again; thank you!

molly + Josh

You captured what I think is sheer joy on my face. I don't think I've ever seen myself expressing the happiness that I feel on the inside when I think of Pat...One picture in particular where I'm looking up at him with this smile on my face (that really reaches my eyes) and I was like, AH! That's it! That's how I feel! Same with Pat. You caught him giving me looks I see occasionally when nobody else is looking.

sarah + Pat

I'm spending some time today going through all of the beautiful photos that you shot for our wedding and I just wanted to thank you again for spending a wonderful weekend shooting us. It really meant a lot and Scott and I can't stop talking about how amazing you were.

katie + Scott

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! They are treasures--all of them. I'm not surprised at all because you do such incredible work, but I'm so grateful I can now be a recipient! As soon as I saw them I wanted to shout from the rooftops about how amazing you are, but your pictures speak for themselves so I am going to have to just share them as much as I possibly can.

sara + Joel

We are sooooo happy with our photos! We looked at them all as soon as we got home from work and they truly helped us relive the day! You did an amazing job and we seriously can't thank you enough. They are amazing and I cried all over again just looking at them!

tara + Paul

Meghan!!! They are so perfect!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love every single one of them! You are so unbelievable good at what you do it's crazy!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

alli + Spencer

We seriously can't thank you enough and say how great of a job you did being our photographer. You're amazing.

stephanie + Sayan

Thank you so much for everything Meghan! The photos are beautiful. I have a lot of people asking about my photographer so I'm giving recommendations of your work out left and right! I'm so happy with how everything turned out.

maria + Seth

Meghan, I love these so much!!! I can't thank you enough. You captured so many real got so many great ones of Matt and I laughing and being "real".

Kristen + Matt

Your technique, style, and attention to detail are superb! We are blown away by the pictures. Also, you made us feel comfortable and not rushed while taking our pictures. You have no idea how happy you have made us. We both feel so blessed to have found you as our photographer!

cara + Sander

gretchen + Gary

Thanks for being amazing to work with, and giving us so many memories to cherish. The photos are amazing, and we were absolutely thrilled with the way you captured our love and joy.

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