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Kathryn + Eric: A Winter Tibble Fork Engagement

I have truly had the honor of watching Kathryn grow up into such a beautiful woman. When we lived in Maryland, I was able to serve Kathryn as one of her Young Women leaders for a short time. I have also been photographing her family since Kathryn was a junior in high school. I photographed Kathryn’s senior portraits, and then also took photos of her before she left for her mission!! When she returned home, I snagged a few more family portraits…..and now, here she is once again in front of my lens — and this time? She’s ENGAGED!!!

Kathryn and Eric had met in high school, but were mostly just acquaintances at the time. About a year after they had graduated, Kathryn says, “The stars aligned,” and they started texting and meeting up frequently. When they “officially” started to date, they only had ONE MONTH before Kathryn was leaving to serve her mission for 18 months. She left with neither of them knowing what to expect from their futures. Clearly, it was meant to be, as these two ended up writing letters to each other as Kathryn served in Puerto Rico. Their relationship continues to flourish over the miles, as Kathryn is now studying at BYU in Utah while Eric remains in Maryland for the time being. A good old-fashioned long-distance relationship and letters sent back and forth? Well it really just doesn’t get anymore classically romantic than that, now does it?

Their engagement session came together quickly, because I had a photographer/friend visiting me from Los Angeles. Her and I had just finished up the Photo Native conference and were itching to have the chance to shoot together! I reached out to Kathryn who said that her fiance had surprised her and flown out to Utah from Maryland for the week! The timing could not have been more perfect for this winter, snowy engagement session at Tibble Fork! Not only did I get to shoot with Stacee, but I also got to meet Eric sooner than anticipated!!

A light snow fell upon these two throughout their whole session, and the blue tones of their outfits lit up in front of the white, blanketed ground and the deep greens of the trees. These two smiled and laughed their way through the cold with not just one but TWO photographers directing and snapping shots of them. Kathryn had mentioned that she was an adventurous soul, and as I watched her traipse through the thick snow in her dress, I was convinced she was right. These two are the perfect fit for me….but more importantly, the perfect fit for each other!

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