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I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! This is the place where I help tell a story - a story of adventure, beauty, and most importantly, a story of love. I think you can agree that we all could use a little bit more of that in our world, right? 

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Kelly + Hilton: A Colorado Editorial

This past summer, I teamed up with Brianna Dell Designs and Rachel Veltri Photography to create this incredible Colorado Editorial shoot. Both of these women were so warm and welcoming, not to mention so talented and fun to work with. Brianna envisioned it all, and her florals brought it all together into this masterpiece. Rachel brought along our models, Kelly and Hilton, that I instantly fell in love with. Kelly arrived looking flawless thanks to Brooke Rock from Brooke Rock Beauty. Kelley and Hilton were the perfect pair: not only are these two gorgeous separately, but so steamy together! Kelly claimed that it was Hilton who was the real model and that he had taught her everything she knew, but she was equally as charming and natural as he was.

We met up at Ketring Park in Littleton, Colorado and set up this sweet teepee and cozy blanket gathering just as the sun began to set over the lake. It was boho and eclectic, while still being simple and classy. My favorite aspect of Brianna’s florals was her bouquet that perfectly matched the eclectic vibe, with a feather or two thrown in for good measure.

Rachel also had such fun ideas with posing and playful aspects to bring to the shoot. She brought along mini champagne bottles so they could have fun shaking + shooting bubbles, and I loved the way she interacted with them to keep them giggling and having fun the entire shoot. Rachel had them dancing, and even spinning in circles while she spun along with them from behind. My favorite shots from the evening are when they lay side by side on the ground, as if stargazing or cloud-watching. Finally, we ended the night with a batch of sparklers, for the perfect touch of romance and magic. A huge thanks to our amazing vendors:
Brianna Dell Designs
Rachel Veltri Photography
Brooke Rock Beauty


Meghan is a North Carolina wedding photographer who loves going barefoot as much as possible and spending warm summer days at the nearest creek.

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