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The Nicholes: An Edgewater Mini Family Session

Of course I had to see this sweet family during my  mini sessions at Londontown Gardens! It is always such a joy to see them! The kids like to tease me and think I’ve forgotten their names, but there’s no way I could! I have been photographing them since the youngest boy’s in-home newborn session! A trip to Maryland these days doesn’t feel complete with seeing their smiling faces!!

The kids are getting pretty good at knowing what to expect from me, but Dustin + Carrie are the real pros! I barely have to direct them at all any more…they know what I’m going to say and they do it before I can get it out 🙂 After photographing them in downtown Annapolis here , photographing them IN ICELAND (yes you read that correctly – seriously, go check that session out), and photographing them in their home, they make any location look good! I loved the way these blossom photos turned out, and I was also super excited to shoot these guys on film! I couldn’t help but photograph a few extra shots of just Aspen, sweet little thing that she is. She was looking so fancy in her white dress that I had to put her on my special antique chair I had borrowed from a friend for the day. Everyone that saw it sitting there thought it looked so silly, an old antique chair just sitting out in the middle of the gardens. “Just so happened to be waiting for us!”

This session was my first one of the day, and we started right when the sun was directly overhead, 12:30pm. I was excited to see how this film turned out with such harsh lighting conditions. I know that film has a greater capacity to handle highlights and shadows than digital. I felt like these highlights on the film image below still retained detail, while the shadows were still light enough as well. The contrast isn’t too harsh and the whites aren’t too bright; the perfect combination!

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