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Pool Noodle Crafts

On Saturday, Adam and I each took one hour to devote on one boy at a time. He played Legos with Axton downstairs in the basement, and Rhenner and I did craft time in his bedroom (we took turns with Mirabelle at the half hour mark). I had bought several pool noodles from the dollar store months ago, in hopes of doing some kind of craft with them, but they sat in our basement for a long time…too long. The dog tore one up, and the boys battled with two others, and they ended up in the garbage. Not exactly what I had intended with them. But there was one lonely pool noodle left that we finally made use of!

Supplies Needed

Pool noodle (one for each kid)
Scissors *with adult supervision

Extras: Stickers, construction paper, markers

We started out by cutting the pool noodles into long and short pieces, sometimes the horizontal way (to make O’s) and sometimes the vertical way (to make sticks). We began by taping pieces together, but that wasn’t always the most effective way. That’s when I had the idea to use toothpicks! Rhenner loved using the toothpicks to make new shapes! As you can see in the picture above 🙂 That was his sun. Then he made “clouds” to go with the sun, and taped the clouds up to the door so they would be in the sky.

Rhenner tends to be my “resistant learner.” If he can tell that I am trying to “do school” with him, then he immediately loses interest. But if I can hide it into our daily activities (like hiding veggies in their dinner??!) then he naturally gravitates to it and understands concepts quickly and easily. I feel like this is probably pretty typical of most kids, and another plus for homeschooling in my book.

I was going to make Pool Noodle Letters to go over with him, but in the end doing numbers was much easier for me 🙂 Either way, I am glad I was able to throw in a little bit of number review for him.

More than that, though, we just enjoyed our time together. Adam and I had originally planned on swapping kids at the one hour mark, but both of them wanted to just continue what they were doing. Rhenner continued to play with the noodles and toothpicks for the rest of the weekend! We love easy crafts that can be played with over and over again (and that don’t require a ton of prep work on my part).

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