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Praew + Ton: A Bangkok Engagement Session

I was so lucky to have the chance to meet and photograph Praew and Ton. I first have to thank my friend Emily and her friend Pookie for helping this all come together! It was a combined effort from everyone involved for this session to happen! I also have to thank Emily for suggesting Benjakatti Park in Bangkok, Thailand for their engagement session. It was the PERFECT backdrop. It had both city and jungle, both modern and rustic vibes; exactly what Bangkok itself feels like!

Even though Praew and Ton had never met me before, they were naturals in front of the camera. Ton is a photographer himself, and I was told that Praew has since gotten used to being photographed by him quite often….it shows. She was a natural, radiant light in front of the camera! I loved the laughter that would follow after anytime I had them touch their noses together and learned to keep on shooting even after they let go of their embrace.

I learned that these two have known each other for over seven years now, and will be getting married this summer in Praew’s hometown. They clearly make each other so happy and I could not be anymore thrilled with being able to meet them and photograph them in the incredible city of Bangkok!


  1. Betsy

    March 21st, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    As always, gorgeous work, Meghan!

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