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The Erbes: A Family Session

This family means so much to Adam and I. Adam and Ben have been buddies since right after high school; they were roommates in college, and remained friends even after they both went on missions. When I first met and started dating Adam, Ben had also just met Rachel. We went on several double dates together, and basically followed the same path towards marriage shortly afterwards. After we both graduated, we met up in Nauvoo and had a reunion there. However, it had been seven long years since we had last seen each other! We both had had children, gotten jobs, and moved around. Somehow, our paths crossed and they were able to come stay with us for the weekend. We loved meeting their adorable kids and having our children play together. We stayed up late, went swimming, and caught up on life. And of course we had to have a quick photo session! These guys were so awesome and got up at the crack of dawn for me, because they trusted my opinion on the lighting. Boy am I glad they did, the colors of this session are some of my favorites I’ve ever photographed!

This session is also really special to me because it was the first roll of film I’d shot in six months. I got really caught up in getting back into the swing of things after having baby, and had put shooting film on the back burner until I could get my photography-related-anxiety under control. This first roll of film was a big deal for me! It was also the first FULL roll of film I had EVER done with a family session. I am completely smitten with the way it turned out! I love these guys and am so happy I can call them my life-long friends.

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