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Brandi + Josh: An Edgewater Anniversary Session

Anniversary Sessions

April 17, 2019

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I'm so glad you stopped by the blog! Here you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to photo sessions, and of course, my favorite clients & people!

Hi, I'm meghan


Oh these two. This Edgewater anniversary session – and this couple! – have completely stolen my heart. But I kind of always knew this was going to happen.

Brandi and Josh were my LAST session of the evening for my Spring Mini’s that took place in Edgewater at Londontown Gardens a few weeks ago. We had had spells of cloudiness all day that finally broke free into a wonderful sunset over the docks. It was the perfect ending to a day full of shooting some of my favorite couples + families. This session was just as gorgeous as the rest….However, I think you might be surprised to learn that photos like these:

…. Are all just a facade. I have to laugh – especially at the serious posing of the photo above. Because in all reality, the majority of the shoot looked like this:


Josh doing something silly and Brandi trying to keep him under control but completely unable to – and laughing through it all. And it was the best. Thing. EVER. Seriously, Josh kept both of us laughing the entire time. At one point they were laughing so hard at one of my instructions that Brandi stopped and said, “Is this even working?!” through her giggles. Oh Brandi….I think it worked JUST fine.


In all seriousness, Brandi is one of the most incredible wedding planners in Maryland and is the owner of Charming Grace Events . Her and I met when I first started planning for my Cherry Blossom Styled Shoot, which also took place at Londontown Gardens. I knew with other photographers participating and a schedule to keep to, that she was just the person I needed around to keep me on track. Since then, her and I have worked on weddings together and I’m obsessed with her enough that I even forced¬†her into going to Iceland with me (for which, she proceeded to pack an entire table setup + decor into her checked baggage….but that’s another story). I should have known that Brandi’s Get-It-Done personality needed someone like Josh. He keeps her laughing (clearly), he keeps her grounded, he keeps her feeling safe. In between the moments of giggles, I saw it all. I saw the love that’s kept them married for the last seven years, and inseparable for even longer. I saw their future, too. I saw them choosing each other on day Ten Thousand just like they did on day one. I saw them lasting.¬†

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I'm Meghan and I'm so glad you're here! My blog is where you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to a session, and of course, my beautiful clients!

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