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I want my kids to know the smile that crosses my face when they snuggle into me, grabbing onto my leg. I want them to see the way their Dad holds me and kisses my hair in a rare, in-between moment. Creating a space of quiet among the chaos. I want them to remember the way they laughed when their brother whispered something silly in their ear. I want them, twenty or forty or sixty years from now, to recognize their grandkids’ faces in their own. Above all, I want them to see what love looks like. What our love looks like.

And as much as I want that for my kids, I also want that for your family. This is what drives me.  To show a Mom how beautiful she is when wrapped up in the arms of the man she said yes to, littles grabbing at her dress or running circles around them. 

To show a Dad the huge smile that spreads on his kids’ faces when he tosses them into the sky. To show their children what a forever family looks like, in all its imperfections and messiness, in all its everyday beauty. 

So we’ll meet at a big field drenched in the glow of sunset and run through the tall grass. Or maybe I’ll come to you in your home and we’ll dance in your kitchen. We’ll go wherever your family feels safe, whole, and free. We’ll get all the usual everyone-look-here-and-smile shots, but we’ll also get those intimate, real shots too. You’ll play and laugh and love, and you’ll forget you were ever once worried about coordinating outfits.

my promise

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Celebrate and protect  
the eternal nature of marriage

Photograph my couples not just on day one,

With my business, I promise to

by creating and capturing quiet, authentic moments through which my couples can find hope and renewal in each other and their love.
I promise to

but to encourage them to embrace opportunities to be photographed throughout the entirety of their marriage. To show them, their families and posterity,

that honoring marriage means not only saying "I do" on their wedding day,

and the world

but every day after, as well


My portrait sessions generally last 45 - 90 minutes, depending on kids & the location. All sessions include digital files via an online gallery for you to share & download.



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