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Friendor Friday: East Made Event Company

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May 27, 2016

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I'm so glad you stopped by the blog! Here you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to photo sessions, and of course, my favorite clients & people!

Hi, I'm meghan


Elizabeth is a true gem, you guys. I’m so happy to have not only found her, but to be able to say I’ve worked with her for my most recent wedding, Stephanie and Joe. Elizabeth was ON TOP of it all, from the moment I showed up at the venue, until the moment I got in my car and left for the evening…actually, it didn’t even stop then, either, because I had left my flash stand behind and she saved it for me! I’m telling you, I need more of Elizabeth in my life!! Like I mentioned in Stephanie and Joe’s post, Elizabeth did all the behind the scenes work. She took the stress out of everything, allowing every other vendor, all the guests, and of course, the bride and groom, to do what they needed to do. As a photographer, this is incredibly valuable! I didn’t have to worry about a timeline, I only had to worry about taking excellent photos. This gave me the chance to produce some of my best work yet!!

I’m excited to have Elizabeth on the blog today, sharing her journey with The East Made Event Company!! I can’t recommend her enough, and will be sharing her information with any brides looking for a wedding planner!!



How did you get started in your business?

I have always been interested in art and creative design – in high school I used to sketch buildings and fashion and had magazine subscriptions to Elle Decor and Vogue. My first actual experience in the wedding industry was in college, where I majored in music (viola performance) and would perform at wedding ceremonies on the weekends. After grad school in 2010, I decided to start my own professional string trio, Chesapeake Strings, and since then have been working with about 100 couples each year on their wedding music.

Transitioning into wedding planning came naturally as I was constantly working with new vendors and venues, learning how weddings piece together behind the scenes, and even seeing how other planners ran the day. After realizing that I was always helping my music clients and engaged friends with planning, I decided to start my own company and have loved it ever since.

friendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0000friendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0001friendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0002Ruffled - photo by Love by Serena http://ruffledblog.com/copper-and-slate-autumn-inspiration-shoot

How would you describe your style and/or what is your favorite type of work to do?

My style personally and as an event designer is still evolving, and I think it will always continue to evolve depending on current trends and the clients I have at that moment. Many times I love more boho decor (think Anthropologie) and other times I love a more fine art, minimal feel (think West Elm). I try to make everything I design interesting, beautiful, and captivating. I absolutely love creating styled shoots when I can choose lots of creative details, and I also love working with my amazing clients in planning and design, especially closer to their weddings when they start getting even more excited to see everything come to life! I also enjoy the organizational aspect of planning – creating timelines, working with other creative vendors, and double checking everything. (We can probably chalk that perfection up to my many years spent practicing the viola!)


Moody Ballet Shoot by Josh & Serena

Moody Ballet Shoot by Josh & Serena


How do you stay inspired? What do you do when you are in a creative rut?

I am constantly searching for inspiration – in art, fashion and design, nature, outdoor scenery, travel, architecture, and of course the internet! My goal in designing weddings is to try to keep concepts fresh and interesting – juxtaposing some familiar, more traditional elements with new, “wow” ideas. I don’t want to design the same wedding every time and love working with couples who are open to new ideas and options to best suit their own style. Somehow, I haven’t yet reached a creative rut – but if I do I’ll probably take a vacation 😉

friendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0007Ruffled - photo by Love by Serena http://ruffledblog.com/copper-and-slate-autumn-inspiration-shootfriendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0009friendor-friday-east-made-event-company_0008

What is your favorite part about your work?

Showing my couples how personal their wedding day can be. I love tying in elements from real life – childhood, backgrounds, interests, hobbies – into my clients’ weddings. My favorite weddings have fun, lighthearted touches that make guests chuckle and say, “This is definitely so-and-so’s wedding.” This allows for a more comfortable and natural atmosphere and really showcases the unique love story of the bride and groom.


How do you love to serve your clients?

I try to be present for my clients – as not only their planner/advisor/designer but also as a combination of their best friend/sister/mom, whether they need advice, an opinion, a hug, or someone to repin their hair! Preparing for your wedding is super exciting but can also be an emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes there are things that only a professional planner can help with! I get to know each of my couples personally and truly keep their best interests in mind at all times.


If you had one tip for a bride, what would it be?

Remember the purpose of the day. You can have a game plan for every possible situation but when the wedding day comes, try to relax and remember the real reason behind your celebration! At what other time in your life will you have ALL of your family and friends from all stages of your lives, all together, in one place? Enjoy the weekend and your quality time with the people involved.

View More: http://meghanrosephotography.pass.us/stephaniejoeweddingView More: http://meghanrosephotography.pass.us/stephaniejoeweddingView More: http://meghanrosephotography.pass.us/stephaniejoeweddingView More: http://meghanrosephotography.pass.us/stephaniejoewedding

Lastly, a fun question — what is your guilty pleasure?

I have a few – travel, purses, and cookies.


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Images in this blog post were taken by:
CJK Visuals
Love By Serena
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you SO much for this feature, Meghan!!! You are too sweet and I can’t wait to work with you again 🙂 xo

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