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The Searles: An Extended Family Session

This past November our travels were bringing us to Florida during the cooler months! We were set to fly out to Virgin Islands National Park. A friend of mine saw my schedule, and told me that her entire family would also be visiting Florida during that time. They were hoping for family pictures since it was often they were all together! I was thrilled to see these guys! Sydney and Shanley were high school friends of mine, and I hadn’t seen them in years! I loved getting to meet all of their children, and of course seeing their parents and siblings again.

Since neither of us are from Florida, we had to do some Google searches for a good spot to meet up. I knew we’d need a park big enough for all of them. But I also knew there was NO WAY you could get me to photograph anything close to a pond or other water source. I am terrified of gators when I am in the south!! Haha! I would much rather be in bear country than gator country. We found a great park with lots of room far away from water 🙂

The great thing about shooting down in Florida is that trees and grass are green all year round! These are some of my favorite extended family photos I’ve ever taken! They did such a good job coordinating their outfits, and at the end of the session, we hit the golden hour just perfectly!


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