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By 12 years old, I had witnessed my parents divorce not just once, but twice. I could have walked away from that with bitter feelings toward the idea of marriage. A disbelief in its value, its worth.

And I think, for a time, I may have tried that thought out. May have went through a phase of pretending not to believe in marriage…..But it didn’t last. Because I always knew, deep down in the core of my soul, there welled a burning, soaring need to fight – and fight hard – for keeping marriages alive.

At just 19 years old, I found the one I knew I needed; I knew God had written him into my plans, and I didn’t hesitate. We met, he proposed, and we married – all within 6 months.

 I sometimes wondered if this – being so young, marrying so quickly – made me needy or unable to stand on my own. But I know now, and I grab onto this knowledge with open arms and a beating heart, that it wasn’t that at all. Simply put: I believe I was made for marriage. And because of that, I've now made it my mission to not only protect my own marriage, but to help others protect theirs as well. And because photography is my tool, well-crafted and hard-earned, I now have the duty to use it for a greater good: to helping marriages find sanctity and promise in their vows.

Ultimately, I'm a photographer because I believe photos strengthen the relationships within marriages and families & deepen our connections with each other and future generations.

made for marriage

I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years, all over the country and the globe. I am kind, upbeat, and professional. One of the biggest perks of having me with you on your wedding day is my ability to anticipate and recognize emotion. I am happy to go with the flow, capture the in-between moments, and find the prettiest light. I love warm, bright, true-to-life edits. I believe choosing your wedding photographer is not just a process of finding a style you like, but also a person you want to spend the day with. You'll most likely be with your wedding photographer on your wedding day more than you’re with your spouse, so pick a good one! 

"You are incredible and the photos turned out well beyond our wildest expectations. You are a talented beautiful soul, and kept me quite calm on such a stressful day. I am so glad we got to share our big day with you"

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Meghan Rose



film wedding photographer in the carolinas

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