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Behind the Lens

meet meghan

Hopeless romantic and a realistic optimist, I'm a lover of sunshine, exploring new places, and the classic, true-to-life tones and nostalgia of film.

By 12 years old, I had witnessed my parents divorce not just once, but twice. But even despite this, I still continued to believe: we are made for marriage. I always knew in the core of my soul, there welled a burning, soaring need to fight – and fight hard – for keeping marriages alive.

And because photography is my tool, well-crafted and hard-earned, I now have the duty to use it for a greater good: to helping marriages find sanctity and promise in their vows. 

This is why I approach your wedding day with such reverence and determination to capture YOU - who you are together, who can become together. With me, you'll feel safe enough to laugh in front of, cry in front of, heck - even grab your spouse's booty in front of! Because at the end of the day, these images are going to be reminders of why you said "I do," in the first place, and why you should keep saying it every day after. These photos will also be treasured by your children and generations to come, so let's make them matter.

I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years, all over the country and the globe. I am kind, upbeat, and professional. One of the biggest perks of having me with you on your wedding day is my ability to anticipate and recognize emotion. I am happy to go with the flow, capture the in-between moments, and find the prettiest light. I love warm, bright, true-to-life edits. I believe choosing your wedding photographer is not just a process of finding a style you like, but also a person you want to spend the day with. You'll most likely be with your wedding photographer on your wedding day more than you’re with your spouse, so pick a good one! 

I'm meghan

hey ya'll!

These folks right here. They keep me sane, drive me crazy, make me laugh, and hold me together. Their initials are tattooed on my arm: I quite literally wear my heart on my sleeve.


Witnessing my clients' love, telling their stories, and helping them pass on a legacy of their marriage lives, and love. Showing them their story matters now, and it will matter in the future.

part of my job


So far I've visited Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, Iceland, England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and France. The next country on our bucketlist is Ireland, Greece, or China!

international travel


Rewatching Schitts Creek, reading any book I can get my hands on, and adding Tapatio's to almost any meal. 

guilty pleasures


We love to hike and be outdoors! Some of our favorite spots in Western North Carolina are Black Balsam Knob, Max Patch, Graveyard Fields, Sliding Rock, Wolf Creek Lake, Glenville Lake, Linville Gorge, and our own little farmhouse on 3 acres. We moved here because we love here, and plan to be here longterm!

places in north carolina



We have a lifetime goal of visiting all the National Parks! So far we have visited 24 parks. My favorite so far has been Virgin Islands National Park; I'm definitely a beach girl!

national park


my favorite things:

about you

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Classy, yet full of moxie

Playful and poised.
Romantic + real.
Practical while unafraid of spontaneity.
Sentimental with a joyful spunk. 


my promise

Celebrate marriage

create images that remind my couple

With my business, I promise to

by capturing my couples’ love stories in an authentic, meaningful way.

I promise to

how it felt to first be in love, and not just what it looked like on the outside. When difficult times arise, may their photos serve as a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place - and why it’s worth staying in love, years after the wedding day. May their photos be a source of hope and renewal in each other and their love.

I promise to

but encourage them to embrace opportunities to be photographed throughout the entirety of their marriage. To show them, their families and posterity, and the world that honoring marriage means not only saying I do on their wedding day, but every day after as well.

I promise to

 to encourage laughter, individuality, personality, and joy; to instill confidence in every woman and man; to remind each person in front of my camera that we all deserve our honest stories to be told, both for and to ourselves and also for and to generations to come.

photograph my couples not just on day one

be sensitive in moments of vulnerability;