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If something you read on my site resonates with you - if you think together we could create something meaningful and magical, then don't let anything stop you. Fear, distance, scheduling - make it happen. Obviously we're all about traveling, stepping outside the comfort zones, connecting with like-minded people, and exploration. Regardless of what our travel schedule says, we'll come to you. Or better yet - let's meet in the middle. That way you get the excitement of travel, too. Fill out my contact form or send me an email at meghanrosephotography@outlook.com and I promise to be in touch. 

We're full-time travelers across the US.
We'll come to you - or better yet, let's meet in the middle.

now booking 2018-2019

across the United States

nobody will ever love you as much as an artist can. On your worst days, they will find poetry 

in the knots of your hair.

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