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By 12 years old, I had witnessed my parents divorce not just once, but twice. I could have walked away from that with bitter feelings toward the idea of marriage. A disbelief in its value, its worth.And I think, for a time, I may have tried that thought out. May have went through a phase of pretending not to care…..But it didn’t last. Because I always knew, deep down in the core of my soul, there welled a burning, soaring need to fight – and fight hard – for keeping marriages alive.

At just 19 years old, I found the one I knew I needed; I knew God had written him into my plans, and I didn’t hesitate. We met, he proposed, and we married – all within 6 months. I sometimes wondered if this – being so young, marrying so quickly – made me needy, if it meant I was unable or unstable to stand on my own. But I know now, and I grab onto this knowledge with open arms and a beating heart, that it wasn’t that at all. Simply put:

 I believe I was made for marriage. That our souls are meant to find mates, and cling to them not only for our time on this earth, but for the rest of time in the heavens above, as well. And because photography is my tool, well-crafted and hard-earned, I now have the duty to use it for a greater good: to helping marriages find sanctity and promise in their vows. 

This is my mission statement for my business. I think it’s important you know the “why” behind what I do, so that you understand my couples are more than just a click of a button. They are people whose lives and relationships mean something to me, they are people I want to invest in, becomes friend with, and capture moments for them that will become strengthening factors in their marriage, moments that will help them say “I do” every day of their journey together.

my promise

Celebrate and protect  
the eternal nature of marriage

create images that remind my couple

With my business, I promise to

by capturing my couples’ love stories in an authentic, meaningful way.

I promise to

how it felt to first be in love, and not just what it looked like on the outside. When difficult times arise, may their photos serve as a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place - and why it’s worth staying in love, years after the wedding day. May their photos be a source of hope and renewal in each other and their love.

I promise to

but encourage them to embrace opportunities to be photographed throughout the entirety of their marriage. To show them, their families and posterity, and the world that honoring marriage means not only saying I do on their wedding day, but every day after as well.

I promise to

 to encourage laughter, individuality, personality, and joy; to instill confidence in every woman and man; to remind each person in front of my camera that we all deserve our honest stories to be told, both for and to ourselves and also for and to generations to come.

photograph my couples not just on day one

be sensitive in moments of vulnerability;

Exploration drives you. You seek the hard-to-get-to. Crossing a river, following the hidden trail to the tucked-away tree that he proposed at, hiking to the top of a mountain; You want the setting of your photos to be just as special as the occasion itself. You're not afraid to get your dress a little dirty on the bottom....and maybe you're even wearing a pair of hiking boots underneath it all anyway.

You're a traveler, too

There's something intimately sacred about putting words on paper for the ones we love. Whether it's a private note given to your groom the morning of the wedding, or renewal vows you wrote to share with him in front of your closest family and friends, in this time where technology threatens to take over the tangible, you take the time to write handwritten love letters. 

You write letters.

You hold dear the influences of your lineage. You pay homage to those who have gone before you and made your life and love possible. You honor them in both visible and invisible ways; whether it be by wearing the same dress that every woman in your family has worn for generations, a simple remembrance set up at your reception, or a favorite memory shared privately or publicly;
They are not forgotten. 

You look to the past.

Though you've spent months planning for your wedding, on the day it finally arrives, you let it all go and just be free to enjoy it.  You know that the day will unfold in the way that it's supposed to, and that it will be beautiful for that. You trust me as your photographer to capture moments you'll treasure forever - you'll be able to look back on them and say to yourself, "That is exactly what it felt like in that moment."

You savor the present.

You find beauty in the quiet tear falling that no one else notices, the boisterous laughter from your kids, the hands held tight and the glances he sneaks at you when he doesn't think you're looking. While you love beautifully-posed portraits as much as I do (!!!), you know life is real and raw and imperfect, and you celebrate it as such.

You notice the in-between moments.

You love the quiet elegance that the perfect florals can bring to any setting. You invest in a florist that gives your vision meaning and a delicate, feminist touch. 

You love a good bouquet.

We might be the perfect fit if....

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kathryn + eric

nene + kenneth

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haylee + stephen

billie + sammy

shri + terry

michelle + logan

sara + joel

carrie + Dustin

My husband is not terribly comfortable in front of a camera, and was dreading taking engagement pictures. But as soon as we were out with Meghan and her second shooter, it was easy and natural. She made both of us feel so comfortable and confident! We cherish those pictures, but even more, we cherish the memory of that super fun day dancing around and kissing in the snow. Documentation was really important to me on my wedding day, and I love that I have every moment of that day captured, even the ones that I've already forgotten, those fleeting, intimate, and tender in-betweens. Worth every cent we spent on photography, and I wish we would have asked for even more.

kathryn + eric

You captured what I think is sheer joy on my face. I don't think I've ever seen myself expressing the happiness that I feel on the inside when I think of Pat...One picture in particular where I'm looking up at him with this smile on my face (that really reaches my eyes) and I was like, AH! That's it! That's how I feel! Same with Pat. You caught him giving me looks I see occasionally when nobody else is looking.

sarah + Pat

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! They are treasures--all of them. I'm not surprised at all because you do such incredible work, but I'm so grateful I can now be a recipient! As soon as I saw them I wanted to shout from the rooftops about how amazing you are, but your pictures speak for themselves so I am going to have to just share them as much as I possibly can.

sara + joel

Meghan was absolutely amazing for our destination wedding! Not only did we have so much fun but she made us feel comfortable and relaxed on such a busy day! We requested both formal and candid shots and she delivered exactly what we wanted. Overall beautiful photos and a wonderful experience with her!

sarah + Sam

We had our engagement photo shoot in October and Meghan made the experience so much fun! We hiked to the top of a viewpoint in Shenandoah National Park and despite some iffy weather, we love how to photo shoot turned out! Her pictures speak for themselves as everyone looks so happy and naturally beautifully. We are beyond excited to have her shoot our wedding in September!!

shri + terry

Meghan has a way about her that makes your wedding the complete experience. She goes above and beyond to really add value to your day and make it a smooth and easy process. I loved working with her and am so grateful for the experience we have had working with her!

michelle + logan

We used Meghan as our wedding photographer this past October and could not have been happier. We had gotten to know her during our engagement session (she was super flexible in scheduling this - we were pretty busy on our end!) and were so excited that she was with us all day. Meghan is incredibly sweet and kind but had the ability to somehow keep everyone in the wedding party running on time. All members in the wedding party also commented on how efficient she was in taking the group photos. We loved how our pictures turned out and couldn't have been happier with her and her second shooter! We would recommend her to anyone looking for their wedding photographer and will definitely keep her in mind for any future photography sessions we might need :)

jacqueline + Isaac

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I love being with my couples for the entirety of their day - from getting ready to grooving on the dance floor, I want to tell the whole story! My most popular package includes an engagement session, 8 hours of wedding day coverage, a second photographer, and digital files delivered via an online gallery. However, I know and LOVE that weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and many are planning destination weddings here in the WNC/Eastern TN. For this reason, I love to completely customize my packages to your needs and desires. Reach out, and let's chat!

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