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Voyageurs National Park We enjoyed our time in the Dakotas, visiting Wind Cave National Park, Badlands National Park (which my kids have since deemed their favorite), and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but we were so ready to move onto the National Parks of Minnesota! Minnesota is my home state, so of course I felt especially […]

We were so excited and SO ready to get ourselves and our trailer back on the road after our month-long hiatus. While we were stopped in Utah and Idaho hanging out with family, Adam was able to install the plumbing system in our trailer. This has made such a big difference in the day-to-day tasks […]

We left Grand Junction way too late at night….which put us arriving near the park around 11:30pm. We had directions to BLM camping, but we had a really hard time finding it in the dark. Not only that, but once we did find it, we found that the dirt road into it was absolutely terrible. […]

Our first official stop on our Nomadic Journeys: Arches National Park! Where we stayed: We stayed on BLM land on Willow Springs Road, about 15 minutes away from the entrance to the park. There are no amenities on most BLM land, but this one did have porta-potties every so often. The roads were fairly easy […]

We had been engaged for one month when we made the trip to the Big Island, Adam’s home island. As all new fiancees are, I was so excited to see the streets he walked as a kid and teenager, the house he lived in, the pictures that surrounded him, I can remember the smell most […]

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