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4 Reasons Why You Should Join Me in Iceland

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June 12, 2018

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Our Iceland Photography Workshop is just THREE SHORT MONTHS AWAY!! And I am starting to get SO excited and SO nervous…but mostly just excited to be going back to this beautiful country, this time with more amazing photographers alongside me to inspire me and create MAGIC with me! If you’ve been thinking about investing in yourself, your education as a photographer, OR if you just have an itch to travel but aren’t sure where to start, here are 4 reasons why YOU should join me and other photographers in Iceland this September!

1. Investing in your education as a photographer

I remember the very first workshop that I went to over 4 years ago. It was an incredible turning point in my business. Not only did I walk away with a completely different view of how my business should be run, but I also gained a HUGE amount of confidence and determination to BE A COMPLETE BOSS LADY. I learned quicker, simpler systems, I bounced ideas off of other creatives, I learned how to be more consistent in my client experience, my editing, my processes, and my posing. Since that first workshop back in 2014, I have attended several photography conferences and learning opportunitites, not to mention enrolled in many online classes and seminars, and read tons of books about businesses and photography alike. I have made it my goal to not get stagnant in my learning as a photographer, marketer, people-person, and business-owner. I will be an OPEN BOOK for the photographers that attend this workshop with me. Before the workshop even begins, I will be getting to know you on an individual basis, learning where you are now, figuring out goals you want to make for the future of your business, and giving you concrete steps to get there. This is not just going to be motivational fluff – I want you to go home with ACTIONS to make your dreams come true for real.

2. The incredible scenery + location

I don’t think I need to explain why I chose Iceland as the backdrop of my first international workshop location! My husband and I visited a few years ago for an anniversary trip and it blew. our. minds. and I have been scheming of a way to get back there ever since! As photographers, we crave inspiration to give us new ideas and keep the juices flowing – Iceland will do exactly that for you. Not only will we be photographing the epic landscape, but we will also have two styled shoots. Where else can you photograph couples with scenery as jaw-dropping as Iceland’s? We will be exploring several iconic locations such as Thingvellir National Park, the glacier lagoon in Hof, the black sand beaches of Vik, and more.

Directions to Seljavellir

3. A time for self-reflection

Like I said above, this won’t “just” be a time for inspirational talks. But it also won’t “just” be cramming information down your throats. When on a trip like this, you’ll be away from your normal routine + people, you may be stretched out of your comfort zone, trying things with your camera or your personality that you don’t normally do. I really want this workshop to be a time of true self-reflection. We’ll be chatting about what you are REALLY passionate about, what drives you to get up in the morning, and how to turn that fuel into a huge fire that people will come for miles to watch burn. This workshop will CHANGE you.

4. Friendships

I traveled to New Zealand with a group, similar to this Iceland Workshop, about 3 years ago. It was less education-based and more travel/exploration based. There are several friendships that were formed during that trip that have become completely priceless to me. They are more important and more meaningful to me than the trip or the photos from the trip. These friends have become amazing resources to me as my business has grown and shifted throughout the past 3 years. I have watched some of these friends start new business endeavors, some of them have become parents, and through it all we are still a support and help to each other. I want my workshop to be an atmosphere of safety, belonging, and of course, friendship. Not ONLY are you getting education, not ONLY are you getting epic photographs in amazing scenes, not ONLY will you push yourself to reflect on your goals and dreams, but you will also walk away with invaluable friendships that will be there to cheer you on in your personal and professional life and dreams.


This Iceland workshop will take place from September 19-23. We will be sharing an AirBnB home where we will create, learn, study, and inspire one another to achieve greater things within our personal and professional lives. If you are interested in signing up NOW, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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