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I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! Here you'll find advice for couples planning their wedding, tips for looking your best in photos, and -my favorite part - my couples, their sessions, and weddings!

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This picture gets me every time I look at it. It’s also been the screensaver on my phone for the past two days and I’ve found myself clicking my home button a few more times than normal, just to get another quick glance at it. This picture – and this smile on this face – […]

One of the many awesome benefits of our weekend in Malad, was not only photographing amazing people but working with other fellow creatives. When I learned that Holden from Holden Films would be coming, I knew I wanted him to take some video footage of me so I could have an updated promo film. We […]

Oh Rhenner. It feels like not much has changed with you in the past year. You’ve grown older, taller, faster, but are still just so loveable, even when you’re being a troublemaker. You steal – not exaggerating – EVERYONE’S hearts. You are quirky, imaginative, funny, cheerful, and sensitive. Adding Mirabelle to our family was not […]

Dear Axton, I am pretty sure that this is the first year of writing these letters that I have actually thought, “But wait….didn’t I JUST write this letter to him for his 5th birthday?” Time always goes fast, but I am pretty sure it accelerates the older each child gets. This year was a year […]

I remember the first few people I told our dream to. I remember feeling not just silly or crazy but actually *stupid* for having this idea and thinking that we could make it happen. I remember vividly the reactions I imagined people would have – most of them centering around a “we’ll believe it when […]

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