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The National Park Family: An Update


April 20, 2018

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I remember the first few people I told our dream to. I remember feeling not just silly or crazy but actually *stupid* for having this idea and thinking that we could make it happen. I remember vividly the reactions I imagined people would have – most of them centering around a “we’ll believe it when we see it” feeling. I guessed certain people would be more supportive than others, and I was not naive to the arguments people might have against us. I know the idea is tantalizing on the outside, but that the sacrifices it takes to make it happen – and the fact that we are willing to make them – make us, and make our family, different. And being different tends to scare people. So sometimes they don’t know how to react. We’ve been laughed at, told we were “weird,” told it wouldn’t last. But on the other hand, we’ve also received so much love, luck, support, cheers, and encouragement from those who know us and know that this actually does fit us. I wanted to address some of the most common questions we get asked surrounding this decision.

“But what will Adam do?”
Most of the time when people ask this question they really want to know, “Where will your money come from?” That’s a fair question. But what’s not fair is, even after I tell people that I will be working to support my family by photographing across the country, they still come back with, “Okay but what will your husband do?” What will he NOT do? He’ll change diapers and drive the car and help me cook meals and teach Axton how to multiply and divide. He’ll take pictures and fly the drone and provide for us in so many other ways. I also want to say, “Don’t you trust me? Don’t you believe in me? Is it because I’m “just a woman” or is it because I’m “just a photographer”? Or is it both?” This is a battle I fight. Only one person has addressed this question differently. He asked, “How will you feed your family?” to which Adam replied, “Well we will have a kitchen in our trailer…” and he said, “No. How will you provide food for your family?” No assumptions, just an honest inquiry to a valid concern. I trust me. Adam trusts me. But more importantly, we trust the Lord. Perhaps there will be times where the money will come as mana – when it is needed, and no more or less. We will simply trust it will fall again the next day.

Another question we’ve received a lot is what kind of vehicle we will be traveling in: 5th wheel + truck, motorhome, pull trailer. We’ve received lots of messages from people sharing links for trailers for sale. All of them have been completely fabulous options, some of them even over-the-top fancy, and far more than we actually need. Our goal is to simplify while still providing for our basic needs. We want a space that encourages creativity, safety, and comfort within our family bonds. But mostly we want to encourage time outside! None of the options we’ve looked at have felt right yet. We have our tiny, very old trailer that we are currently using and it has given us a good idea of storage space needs and things we would want to change or add. Right now we are leaning towards customizing a space of our own. We will keep you updated with that 🙂

Lastly, a quick update on our home. We had a buyer under contract that had to pull out unexpectedly. We were frustrated and so very disappointed, but understand that’s just the way these things work sometimes. Apparently there is a different family that is meant to be in that neighborhood. We continue to pray that the right buyers will come along sooner than later.

Through it all, we have not lost faith that this is what our family is supposed to be doing right now. We don’t know what the end result or purpose is or will be, besides time spent together and memories made. We do know we wanted to break free of the mold and doing something uniquely “us.” We want to teach our kids to play in the great outdoors, learn from the earth and the past, and find home in each other, rather than a specific location. One day we will want to find a permanent piece of land that we will call ours. This is also part of that journey – to figure out just where we want that to be by exploring ALL our options first!

Buying these plane tickets to Hawaii put a timeline on our plans. It forced us into a deadline, and kicked us into action instead of just playing around with an idea. The feeling of “stupidity” has begun to wear off, and has now just been replaced with the freedom and joy that comes with following the whispers of your heart!


Beautiful photos by Breanna White and creative production of shoot by Rebecca M. Creative.

  1. Danielle Savaiinaea says:

    Keep it up Harrisons! I believe in you because thats what you do for friends and to be honest I am slightly envious of your strength and courage to do something outside the box. All the best x

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