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The Martins: An Idaho Family Session

It was a blistery, chilly day that sprinkled rain on and off. The backyard of my parent’s field in Rexburg was beginning to turn golden, but only when the sun glittered off of it. Today, there was no sun light up the field. But we pushed through it anyway. Clarissa and Gabriel showed up with optimistic smiles, ready to embrace the gray weather. Their daughter, however, was less excited about the cold. Luckily for us, I had my own three kids inside the house to distract her while I took just Mom and Dad out for a little bit. We gallivanted around in the field, we used the wind to our advantage, and we gave these high school sweethearts a moment to just embrace one another.

When we had a chance to capture this love that’s still alive, even after all these years, we gave Evelyn another shot. This time around, she was warmed up to the idea and ready to play with me and her Mom and Dad. We made her forget about the cold juuuuust long enough to get the shots we needed, and then we hurried up and dashed back indoors! Later, when I sat down to edit these photos, I turned into a pile of mush and emotions seeing Clarissa wrapped up in her daughter. I felt so grateful to be able to give those images to Clarissa. As a friend and as a mom, I know she deserves to see her motherhood in a tangible way.

Going through high school with Clarissa in my circle was always such a joy for me. She was fun, spunky, sassy, and true to herself, and in doing so, made me more confident in who I was too. These things are still true today. She’s one of those classic friends that you can pick up right where you left off, and you know that time has only made your friendship that much more relevant and true. I love seeing what has blossomed from a teenage love. Through the ups and the downs, they’re still in the game, fighting for each other, their marriage, their love, and now their family. Thanks for letting me freeze this time for you.

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