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Hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! Whether you're new here or you've been following my photography journey since it began in 2008, I hope you find yourself at home here. Feel free to take a look around, check out my latest work, or catch up on my little family and big life! I can't wait to hear from you!

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I had the privilege of shooting Cara and Sander’s Annapolis wedding two years ago. Not only did we meet the president of the United States out on the golf course that day, (now you HAVE to go check out that link, right??), but we also witnessed a seventeen-year-long love become a family. Now their family […]

The weather was predicted to be gorgeous – warm, sunny, and clear. I had a big bag of film waiting to be used. They were ready and willing….so we made it happen! Melissa had commented before that she really wanted to do an anniversary session with me sometime, so these two were at the top […]

McCall and Michael fulfilled a need I had in my heart – a need to create something beautiful for two souls in love, on the mountain behind my house. Our little Lake Mountain has stolen my heart a bit, as the kids and I often go wondering up there when we want to get away […]

You look, and all you may see is a middle-aged man, a blonde in a dress, and some pine trees. But I see the hands that rock my babies to sleep, embrace me in tender hugs, lift my chin to meet him in a kiss, lift me up when I’ve fallen. I see the smiles […]

Maria and Seth were adorable on the day I first met them – which also happened to be their wedding day at the Washington, DC LDS Temple. But seeing them again after they’d been married for a year? It was incredible. They had so obviously not only grown up but grown WITH each other. They […]

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