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Mama Rose Monday: Cecret Lake

I am definitely in denial about fall being here so quickly – and being so chilly! I think I could have handled it if autumn had done me a nice favor and eased me into winter, but instead of a slow gradual process, it seems to have just thrown me right into the cold weather business with no warning at all. So here I am, reminiscing (always have to spell check that one) about being up in the mountains just one month ago, hiking and enjoying the sunshine….back when I had no clue just how soon the weather would change!

The boys and I loved this hike up to Cecret Lake! Here are specific directions for getting there. It was the perfect length and difficulty for all three (four) of us to conquer without another adult to give me help. The first half of it was pretty flat, but the second half had a decent incline to it. Once we made it to the lake, the boys loved going around the perimeter of the lake and climbing up some of the huge boulders that were there (“That’s a niiiiice boulder”). I think our only disappointment was that we couldn’t swim in this lake! Even though it wasn’t warm enough for me to swim, I think the boys would have hopped in if I had given them permission.

We made it up here just at the tail end of the wildflowers’ blooms. I loved seeing them, and they were just as gorgeous as everyone’s photos made them seem. I had been pretty nervous about planning any shoots up with the wildflowers because I had always heard how insanely crowded it was with photographers the whole month long, but being up there for myself made me excited to plan shoots there next summer! I’ll just embrace the craziness like I did for cherry blossom sessions! Which means….sunrise sessions anyone?

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