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2018 Best of Families

Photographing families takes a little something different from me than photographing weddings do. Weddings have their stressful moments, sure, but more than that, they are a celebration! I feel that a lot of families don’t feel like a family photo session feels like a celebration. Well, I’m out to change that! Because really, it should be treated like that. It’s a celebration of the growth and love that continues to abound in your home and in your relationships. I know the “What to wear” question is a common one – and yes, it is important, I don’t deny that – but I also promise my parents that that won’t be what you remember or notice when you look at the photos from your session with me. Neither will you notice or dwell on extra pounds, a less-than-perfect hair day, or any other minor flaw you may think exists within your family. Instead what I hope you’ll notice is the memory of the way you felt wrapped up in the arms of your children, the laughter or the crinkled nose when you smothered them with kisses or played ring around the rosie one too many times.

From Idaho for Samantha’s maternity session, to Colorado for a family visiting from Scotland, I traveled all over for my family sessions. The majority of my family sessions happened during the month of October while we were visiting Maryland. I also had three incredible senior sessions that solidified my faith in this generation’s youth. Not to mention my Guenthers in Thailand, a flawless maternity session in Hawaii, and my childhood friend’s session in Minnesota. There was so much goodness captured this year. So many mama squeezes and Daddy tosses in the air. So many parents pulled aside by themselves, to help them remember that they were a couple before they were husband and wife. So many baby rolls and so. much. love. If my 2019 looks anything like my 2018 did, then I’m going to consider myself luckier than ever!


Meghan is a North Carolina wedding and family photographer based in Franklin, North Carolina. She travels to Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and beyond.

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Meghan Rose



film wedding photographer in the carolinas

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