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Aston Noel: A Birth Story

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January 14, 2016

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I was almost too scared to ask if I could be in the room when it was time for baby to make his or her arrival, simply because I knew how sacred of a moment it is, and I know not everyone wants a photographer (or their sister!) in the room with them. But how could I not at least try? This was going to be my first blood-related niece or nephew from my only brother – my only sibling.

The moment I found out my brother’s girlfriend was pregnant, I knew I wanted to be there. When they told me yes, they’d love to have me photograph the birth, I was absolutely elated and began making plans to fly out to Utah. I knew timing would be tricky, so we waited awhile before purchasing a one-way plane ticket. But when December rolled around, baby had other plans, and Mom would be induced just 3 days before my plane ticket was scheduled for. Luckily I was able to pull a few strings with the airline, and in no time my flight was changed, and I was boarding a plane to Utah, my own 2 boys coming right along with me. I spent the day before the induction in Jeremiah and Aspen’s home, and I loved entering the baby’s nursery, perfectly decorated and color-coordinated, and wondering if I was going to meet a little boy or little girl the next day, as they had decided to keep the gender a surprise until the very end. They told me they had names picked out for either sex – Jameson for a boy. Aston for a girl. The crib was set up, the carseat in its place, and the rocker and diapers and wipes and everything they would need, just waiting for the little one to come.

The next morning, Aspen and Jeremiah went into the hospital early to get set up in their room and to begin the induction. Throughout the day, I had my phone on me everywhere I went, eagerly waiting for each update. After Jeremiah played a brotherly “trick” of telling me the baby’s head was crowning, (when really it was no where near that point) I decided I’d had enough waiting at home and packed up and headed to the hospital.


I arrived in perfect time, as Aspen was then dilated to an 8. It wasn’t long after I arrived that she was given the go-ahead to start pushing. It was then – before the pushing began – that things started to feel “real” and I saw tears streaming down Aspen’s cheeks. “She’s on her way! We’re going to meet her!” Baby’s heart was fluttering a bit, and the doctor kept a close eye on things. They didn’t like the way the heartbeat was dropping after each contraction, but they said as long as it kept climbing back up they would continue to let Aspen push. Aspen’s own mom came in at one point, gave her the love and encouragement only a mother can, and then she gave Jeremiah and Aspen their space.


After baby’s head was out, everyone was anxiously awaiting the big reveal! We all held our breaths for one more big push, and the doctor lifted baby and showed her to Aspen.”What is it, Mom? Boy or girl?” the doctor said .As Aspen excitedly said, “It’s a girl!!” Jeremiah’s face ripped open into a giant smile, and he started to giggle like a little kid on Christmas morning. “It’s a girl?”


Aston was so calm, and slowly blinked around at everyone staring down at her. She snuggled into mama’s warmth, and the obsession began. Everyone – Aspen, Jeremiah, Aspen’s parents and brother, (and of course me!!) were instantly hooked. Little Aston Noel – my first niece – had arrived! I will never forget this special experience, and Aston will always hold a huge piece of her Aunty’s heart!!!


  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful! Jeremiah looks so proud! Love the album Meghan!

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