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Mama Rose Monday: Beginning to Explore

Mama Rose Monday

May 8, 2017

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I can’t begin to describe how happy this warmer weather is making me – and, in turn, I’m sure it’s making my kids even happier, too. When it was colder, and Mirabelle was still so tiny, we of course lived in Newborn Land: Not going out much, staying in the house, not socializing with friends/family. Since we had Mirabelle right after we moved to Utah, my kids were associating Newborn Land with our move to Utah. They talked about missing Maryland and not liking Utah very much. I was determined to get out and start exploring with them as soon as it was nice out, so they could start enjoying the same activities here in Utah as they did in Maryland.

My dad came to visit us last week and it was the perfect opportunity for us to go on our first Utah hike together! My brother and niece joined us. We went to Battle Creek Falls, and it was just the right length/starting point for my kids. Mirabelle loved the walk in her carrier, and the boys had the chance to practice their rock-throwing skills once again. I would definitely recommend this hike for kids! It’s nice and easy, just how we like it.

A few days later I took the kids on a car ride to go location scouting for upcoming sessions. We ended up in Provo Canyon, and I took the road up to Squaw Peak Lookout. Driving up that road was the first time I’d been afraid of heights while in a car. The view was positively nuts. The kids didn’t want to get out of the car when we got to the lookout, they just wanted to look at the view from their seats. After we drove back down the mountain, we stopped at a park near a creek and lay in the grass with the sun beating down on us. It reminded me of hot summer days spent exploring Patapsco State Park, and I felt a tiny piece of my Missing Maryland Iceberg begin to melt.

Last night we got a little too adventurous with our poor Honda Pilot, and tried to make it up the mountain behind our house (Lake Mountain). Everyone else on the road was on a four-wheeler, and we started to feel like mayyyyyybe we weren’t using the right tool for the job. Well, by the time we made it back to our house our front left tire was completely flat. Slashed. Ah well, we chalked it up to part of the Utah Experience.

I can’t deny the beauty that’s here!! I know the more I dive in, the more Utah will feel like home. So tell me, where’s the next place the kids and I should explore??

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