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Michelle & Logan – An Anniversary Session

Anniversary Sessions

October 5, 2016

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I'm so glad you stopped by the blog! Here you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to photo sessions, and of course, my favorite clients & people!

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Michelle and I have talked a lot about our branding, and how we can best make our online presence, our physical products, and our overall appearance of our business reflect who we are and how we serve our clients. One thing she recently said to me really demonstrated to me the kind of relationship she and her husband have:

To call my business Michelle and Logan just makes more sense than simply calling it Michelle Peterson. When people think of me, they think of Logan, too. It’s not just me anymore – it’s both of us.

I hadn’t really stopped to think about this until she pointed it out to me – but she was absolutely right. These two complete each other in a way I haven’t seen in any other couple. Since I knew Michelle in high school, I’ve been able to watch the way her personality and her growth has really flourished since she met Logan. I mentioned this to her, that I felt like she really became Michelle when she met Logan and she agreed, “He brings out the best in me. He also brings out the crazy and weird Michelle….but that’s who I am, and it’s because of him that I’m comfortable with that.”

I positively loved getting to know these two on a much deeper level than I usually do my anniversary sessions, since they had flown out from Idaho and stayed with me for 10 days. Michelle is fast-paced, excited, fun, outgoing, and the “voice” of the two of them. Logan, while also fun, outgoing, and exciting in his own way, is a mellow balance to the two of them. I loved working with them as a team on my promo video, because they both brought different insights and strengths to the table, all while still respecting and hearing one another. They blended so well together as a team, that it just made sense to see them as Michelle & Logan. Not just in their business but in their lives and in their marriage.

Here is just a sneak peek into their session, as I shot both film and digital for them. Their digital images will be used in their soon-to-be revealed new website!!

PS These were shot at the Howard County Conservancy!! I have shot there tons of times in the past, but this was a whole new area I had never explored before! I completely love this location now!




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I'm Meghan and I'm so glad you're here! My blog is where you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to a session, and of course, my beautiful clients!

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