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Missy + Danny {An Adventure Anniversary Session}

Anniversary Sessions

January 4, 2018

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Ever since I ventured to the Diamond Fork Hot Springs with my kids and friends, I have had a vision in the back of my mind for a fun couples shoot there. However, considering the walk to the hot springs is just about 2.5 miles, I figured I would have to find the perfect couple for this: they’d have to be adventurous, hikers, and willing to put on their swimmies in front of me, all while still being romantic and cute. Enter Missy + Danny. They made all that and more look easy and natural to them.

Missy found me through the Operation Underground Railroad auction that myself and our local Provo Tuesdays Together group was a part of. She bought my donated anniversary session and was in touch with me by the end of the night. We emailed ideas back and forth and as soon as she asked, “Which of these locations excites you the most?” I knew I had struck gold. We decided to go for the Hot Springs, despite it being winter and snowy!

As we started hiking, I learned that Missy used to be a photographer herself, and suddenly it all made sense! I now knew why she asked what I was most excited to shoot – because, as a photographer herself, she knew that when the artist is passionate, they are able to create better work! For that reason, and because Missy and Danny were such a delightful couple to work with, this shoot quickly rose to one of my top favorites. The snow, the blue tones of the water, the steamy atmosphere (both in the air and between Missy and Danny) all made this shoot such a magical one for me! The steam definitely made things tricky to work with at times, and it was a challenge to edit these juuuust right but I am so happy with all of these images and I hope this session excites other couples to be adventurous on their couple or anniversary sessions with me!!

  1. Sukhi says:

    Very inspiring photography!

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I'm Meghan and I'm so glad you're here! My blog is where you'll find advice on planning your wedding, tips on what to wear to a session, and of course, my beautiful clients!

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