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Film versus Digital: Spring Family Minis

Film Friday

Film vs digital

This past spring I made a mad-dash trip to Maryland for a cherry blossom engagement session with Carrie + Andrew (always love me some DC cherry blossoms!) and also for a full day of mini sessions with some of my favorite families and couples at Londontown Gardens in Edgewater. I knew that since I was only going to be there for one weekend, that the way to get to photograph everyone that needed updated photos was to do quick small sessions right in a row. So, mini sessions it was! I also knew that a fast-paced day like mini sessions would be a great way for me to get comfortable using film on a tight schedule. Typically during a wedding day I get overwhelmed with the speed of the schedule that I push film to the side and stick with what I’m comfortable with: only shooting digital. I forced myself to use my film camera at least ONCE for every 20 minute session I had.

This was also the first time that I shot exclusively with Fuji film! I have typically been a Portra girl but I had made that decision pretty arbitrarily and not with a lot of thought or experimentation. So I decided to switch things up this time! And the results were PHENOMENAL! I completely fell in love with Fuji and now I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to Portra! My Fuji scans required a lot less tweaking to match my typical editing style than portra film usually does. I can see me using Fuji much easier in my workflow than I ever could with portra.

film versus digital spring mini session


In the next few comparisons below, I am just obsessed with the skin tones on the film! So much cleaner, smoother, no magenta tones whatsoever!




MaryEllen + Mike

In the comparison directly below, I actually like the digital version better. My shadows are a bit murky in the film. I think this would have been a cleaner image if I had exposed better!


The next comparison matches so well it makes my heart happy!!


The one below matches pretty well too! I love it when that happens!

Brandi + Josh

I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone and shot on Fuji AND shot when I was under a time-restraint. I am SO happy with the results and will definitely be incorporating Fuji into my shooting flow from now on!


Meghan is a film and digital wedding & portrait photographer based in North Carolina. She often travels to Maryland, Tennesee, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina to photograph couples and families. You can contact her here. 

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