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Film versus Digital: Bridal Editorial


May 3, 2019

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Film Friday
Film versus Digital

For Film Friday this week, I’m comparing images from a styled shoot put together a few years ago with this amazing team of vendors:

Rachel Elizabeth Bridal
Weddings By Eccentricity
Makeup By Samantha J
Beauty by Brooklyn
Rebecca M Creative

I want to start with comparing these shots of the invitation suites. I’ve found that it’s usually really hard for me to get, crisp clear images of my invitation suites when shooting film. Obviously it helps when my shutter speed is fast and my f stop isn’t quite wide open to make sure everything is in focus. But still, when it comes to getting quality, tack-sharp images to deliver to my clients AND my vendors, I like to make sure I get a few on digital, too.

You can really see the color difference in the border around the invitation. In film, it looks more green. In my edit of the digital, it looks more tan. This is something that I could have tweaked a bit more in Lightroom to match better.

(As always, film is on the LEFT. Digital on the RIGHT)

I edited the digitals from this shoot RIGHT away. Then, two weeks later when my film scans arrived in my inbox, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe the greens. I loved them SO much more than my original edit. I immediately went back to Lightroom and re-edited them to match my film. That is one funny thing about shooting film: it completely changes the way you want to edit!

In the film image below (on the left), her skin looks really green. This is something I could have adjusted in Light room. As it stands, I much prefer the digital in this comparison.

For tight, close shots of skin like the ones below, I cannot cannot cannot quit staring at the film. It is so much more pure to me!

LOVE love love the way my film captured the greens in the image below (left)


Since I did go back and re-edit my digital images after receiving my film scans back, I do feel like these ones match a bit better than others. There were quite a few that I had to study really hard in order to tell which one was film and which one was digital. You can spot the difference much easier when they are laid out side by side like this, but when they are all throw into the same pot it’s much harder!

Be sure to check out last week’s Film Versus Digital: Sarah and Sam if you missed it!


Meghan is a hybrid film and digital wedding photographer based in Sylva, North Carolina. She shoots weddings in Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin, Asheville, Waynesville, and beyond.

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